Sunday, December 15, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Affordable Father's Day Gift Ideas

Here are some great presents to give a Dad that don't cost $82 (the average spent for a Father's Day gift)... in fact they are all under $30.


Is your dad a golfer?

A golf-themed picture frame showing off the family on the green, or a great scorecard. 
Perfect for his desk at work. 

Is your dad a grandfather?

What about a beautiful Willow Tree sculpture? 
Or my personal fave... a journal to share personal moments in history.


Want to give your dad a lot of little gifts?

These goody bags hold candy, scratch-offs, movie tickets, gift cards, or actual tools! 

Is your dad a fabulous cook?

Let him know you appreciate all those great meals with a cute figurine.

Candles are for guys too!

These candles don't smell flowery at all (A customer swears that "Man Cave" smells like her dad going to work. Polo Green? And "Everything's Better with Bacon" smells a lot like um...) These handpoured soy candles are Made in America and are only $5.95 each.

Metal Cars

These vehicles are perfect for a Man Cave as home decor OR in the office to hold supplies.
Imagine the bus filled with colored pencils for the "Artist Dad" and the pickup truck holding business cards, candy, or paper clips.

Whatever you decide... 

know that your dad will love it, 

because it comes from you!