Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seven Simple Ways to Decorate for Valentine's Day

seven ways to decorate for valentine's day

Here are seven of my favorite pins on the Valentine's Day Community Pinterest Board regarding decorating for the holiday. Click on the crafter's name for more info.

1. Cereal Box Hearts (hung on branches spraypainted white)
by A Cultivated Nest

Cereal Box Hearts (hung on branches spraypainted white)

2. Rosette Kissing Ball (made from crepe paper)
by The Idea Room

rosette kissing ball crepe paper valentine's day decoration victorian romantic

3. Valentine Luminaries
by Project Naptime 
valentine's day mason jar candle holder tissue paper

4. Heart Garland
by Scrapper Girl

photo heart garland

5. Love Note Pillow

by I Love to Create

love letter pillow

6. Love Message Board
by A Content Housewife

love message board

7. Nutty Floral Arrangement
by Delish

fill a vase with red pistachios for color and texture. valentine's day floral arrangement
Source: via Heidi's on Pinterest

PS: The heart graphic is from "Hearts" by Darrian Lynx

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