Saturday, April 20, 2013

Those Dang-delions are back!

The cherry blossoms are a week late, the last frost is not expected until May 15 but guess whose lawn is already polka-dotted with yellow?! 

So I will be ridding my property of dandelions NATURALLY.

Although the vinegar mixture worked pretty well last year, I will be doing a stronger attack. And starting the war NOW so that my front yard does not look like a wild wasteland.

Removing Dandelion Weeds Naturally

  • First: The mowing. Yes, I know that this is not the best way to do it. But time is of the essence, and since I currently (um, I meant WE as I have recruited Hubby into this war) do not have too much of that right now... I think it is best to avoid MORE dandelions in the future now and then remove the ones that exist later. Birth control for dandelions :)
  • Second: Boiling water. This step will be used primarily for the weeds that have peeked through our sidewalks. The water will kill the dandelions but more importantly, make the soil soft enough for me to remove the entire plant. I may try this on the lawn but don't know yet.
  • Third: Vinegar. This step worked well for me for the ones on the lawn. I will pour some in the sidewalk spaces and on the dandelions on the lawn.
  • Fourth: Actual removal. My mom apparently has a dandelion remover tool and I am willing to give it a try.
  • Fifth: Bunnies and babies. As much as I seem to have a disdain for dandelions, I do think they are pretty. At least in the backyard. So I will let my nephew and the wild bunnies take care of the harvesting in the back. But as soon as the dandelions turn into seed, I will be plucking and bagging to avoid those fluffy puffs floating to the front of the house.
Fingers crossed!

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