Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day 2012 (aka 7 Ways to Reuse a Mason Jar)

Happy Birthday Earth... today you're turning... um, er, well it doesn't really matter. A lady never discusses her age.

For your 42nd Celebration of Your Wonderfulness, I would like to share some ideas of how to use mason jars. Why? Because many of my customers have purchased our soy candles and want to reuse the containers.

Soy Candles in mason jars

1.  Reuse the jars for... candles. You can just put a tealight in the bottom of the mason jar. But of course, it looks prettier when you add sand, beans, etc to set the candles. 

2. Use for partyware. Fill the mason jar with a bandana (or other napkin), forks, knives, etc. The jars are then used as drinking cups.

3. Use as a gift mix container. This one is for peppermint stick cocoa.

Source: via Peyton on Pinterest

4. Get some bulbs to bloom. This is a great project for the kids!

5. Use for food storage. Prepare dips, salads, etc and keep in the fridge until the party.

6. Store your craft supplies. Yarn, nails, stamps, buttons...

And since these were all ideas that I got from Pinterest, it seems only right that I end with this...

7. A pin cushion! Use the container for extra pins, sewing needles, thread, etc.


 I hope that even though it's kinda grey out today, that everyone takes time to appreciate the gal who gives us a home. Thanks Gaia!

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